Bhaktapur Day Tour - 1 Day

  • Destination Nepal

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is entered through the massive royal gate and opens up to a most unspoiled complex of palaces, shrines and other landmarks in the Valley. On the right is pair of statues in stone of Ugrachandi with her 18 arms. Then there is the Rameshwor Temple. In the  middle of the square is the gilded statue of King Bhupatindra Malla seated on a tall stone pillar, and faces the  most exquisitely artistic Suun Dhoka, or the golden gate, Leading into the royal place. The royal place is also known as the “place of 55 windows”, next   to which is the National   Art Gallery. The inner portion of the palace has the Taleju courtyard and her house. Beyond is the Sundari Chowk.  The  outer  perimeters  of   the  complex  is  replete  with  pillars  and  pavilions:  Chyasalin  Mandap,  Durga  Temple, Taumadhi  Tole  and  others .  To  the  right,  and  in  another  square,  is  the  famed  30-meters(98 feet)  Nyatapole  Temple (built in 1702),  the  tallest  and  most  multi-roofed  edifice  in  To  Nepal.  To its right is the Kashi  Bishwanath  Temple.  On the  side  of  the square  is  the  vantage  Nyatapole  Café,  and  beyond  it  is  the  community  of  the  famous  potters. There are marvelous pottery squares where you can see the living workshop in pottery turning the traditional wheel, making different item and draying it.

The itinerary leads to the distant Dattatreya Square; it is name after the triad deities Bharma (creator), Bishnu (presenter) and Mahesaor (emancipator). This Square is famous place for wood carving as well. The peacock and lotus windows along the Pujari Math are the great in wood carving consecrated to Humanity representing in 16th century technology.

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