Popular Family Treks in Nepal

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A Family Trekking adventure in Nepal can often go a long way to promote the family experience in a truly beautiful setting. Add to this the friendliness and warmth of the Nepalese people, who always have a smile for you and especially your children, really adds to the overall experience.

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Family Trekking & Hiking Holidays have become a lot more popular in Nepal over the last few years. Many families are realizing that in an ever-connected world where more time is spent looking at mobiles or laptops than actually communicating can be a rare experience. Doing things together in the great outdoors provides an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with the ones you love. It does not mean the end of the world! Most of the popular family treks in Nepal are now nicely connected with WiFi nowadays so there is plenty of time in the evenings for your daily fix!

You need to check online for trekking agencies that include Family Walking Holidays programs on their sites. It’s worth enquiring with the agency about what they are able to provide. Particularly if you have young children where you may need extra porters and perhaps in some cases horses which often can be arranged. Some companies provide child carriers and other logistical items for hiking in Nepal with young children. In addition treks and tours can be customized to allow an opportunity for you and your family to enjoy the possibility of seeing remote villages and regions that might not be accessible otherwise.

It is also worth considering “Add Ons” to your time trekking, apart from the breathtaking mountains, Nepal is a country with so much more to offer the adventurous family. Its northern border is dominated by the magnificent Himalayan range of mountains running spine-like across the country. In the south, lush lowland jungle greenery skirts its southern border with Asia's foremost Safari Park Chitwan situated less than two hundred km away on the border with India.
Nepal’s unique culture and heritage, along with some of the most friendly people on earth all go to provide a lifetime experience for just about everyone.

Some of the more popular choices for family trekking holidays in Nepal:

Family Trekking in Nepal
Ghorepani Poonhill Family Trekking in Nepal

Ghorapani Poon Hill Trek

The Ghorepani Poon Hill trek in the Annapurna Region is a popular route for families, even if you have young children. If you want to experience some wonderful mountain scenery along with the possibility of staying in some great accommodation nowadays (for the mountains,) this trek should definitely be considered. The trek begins just north of the beautiful lake town of Pokhara where a minimum of two or three days are recommended to fully appreciate the town, the lake, and the wonderful mountain backdrop. Once on the trek, you will soon realize why it is known for being the most scenic short trek in Nepal, with lush sub-tropical forest rich in wildlife, pretty villages and some great ridge walks that provide spectacular Himalayan panoramas, this trek rarely fails. It is not a difficult trek, nevertheless a great introduction to trekking and mountain culture in a region of outstanding beauty. The area is more developed than most other trekking routes but as mentioned the advantage of this is accommodation and general facilities are better. Most of the lodges have good facilities, hot showers, and good food with Wi-Fi widely available. Thankfully, despite the gentrification, local life and tradition are still very much alive.

The focus and highlight for many is an early start in the dark for the trek up to experience sunrise over Pun Hill. From the top, there are magnificent panoramic views of both the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himalayan Ranges, quite haunting as the sun’s rays begin to highlight them. There are several old villages and hamlets dotted along this trail with some fantastic rhododendron forests (in the Spring) and crystal clear rivers to enjoy.

Brief Details: Getting there

  • Pokhara is situated 200 Kilometers West of Kathmandu
  • By road six to seven hours. Flight 25 minutes.
  • Trek begins one hour drive north of Kathmandu.
  • Maximum altitude: 3210 meters.
  • Suggested Days for Trekking: Five
  • Vacation days in Nepal: 6 to 10 days.

The Mardi Himal Trek

If you are looking for something different in the Annapurna Region? a good option is the trek to Mardi Himal. This Trek is ideal for families with older children who want to spend time in a more pristine environment in Annapurna. The trail is far less traveled, offering a sense of wild remoteness. There are some beautiful views of valleys, gorges, landscapes, and absolutely stunning views of Mt. Mardi (5,553m), along with Mt. Annapurna (8,091 m), Mt. Machhapuchhre (6,997m), Annapurna South (7246 m), and Himchuli (6441 m).

You are going a lot higher so it would really only suit families who are generally fit with older children and enjoy hiking as a hobby. With deep dense forests and the high alpine plains along with the stunning Annapurna range, the trek offers some great opportunities for exploration. At high camp (3600m) there are tremendous views of Annapurna South and Mt. Hiunchuli (7246 m) with huge cliffs, and hanging glaciers fed by the snowy flanks of Machhapuchhre (6,997 m). On the way, you pass through traditional Gurung Villages full of warm and welcoming people which offer the chance to experience the lifestyle, traditions, and culture of the Gurung caste. The trail can be difficult and slippery at times until you reach Mardi Himal Base Camp (4,120m) then on to Mardi Himal West (4500m). From here the close-up views of Mardi Himal and the Annapurna range are astounding.

Mardi Himal Family Trekking
Encounter with Yak family

Brief Details: Getting there

  • Pokhara is situated 200 Kilometers West of Kathmandu.
  • By road: six to seven hours & Flight 25 minutes.
  • Jeep from Pokhara 40 minutes to trek starting point Kande.
  • Maximum altitude: 4500 Meters.
  • Suggested Days for trekking: Seven
  • Vacation days in Nepal: 7 to 10 days.

Family Treks in the Everest Region

Another popular trekking area of course is The Everest Region which needs no further explanation as the name says it all. Of course, the vast majority of visitors to this region have one aim only and that is to reach the base of the highest mountain on the planet. There are however two or three suitable and very rewarding treks for families with children aged approximately nine upwards.  These are great experiences in their own right that also provide views of Mountain Everest itself. The treks are Ideal for families or for people who do not feel able to manage what is a fairly demanding high-altitude trek at times.

The Everest Panorama Trek

One trek that stands out is the trek to the ancient monastery of Tengboche. The Everest Panorama trail whilst short provides some beautiful views and a good introduction to the Everest Region along with its wonderful Sherpa people. You have the opportunity to get immersed in Sherpa heartland and soak up their rich cultural heritage and lifestyle. The Sherpas originated as severe or separated families who migrated from Eastern Tibet around five hundred years ago and settled in the uninhabited high valleys of Nepal. Their name “Ser-Pa” reflects those origins: ‘east –people’. The small group of families brought with them the rich traditional religion and literature of Tibetan Buddhism. They are a very strong race, hardened and weathered by the extreme environment.

Whilst the trek is deemed in Himalayan terms as easy, it still takes you up onto the high trails to the final destination of Tengboche Monastery (3850m) and on the way a stop at the beautiful Sherpa village of Khumjung. It is a very scenic trek, one that offers really superb views of the world’s highest peaks, including Everest, Lhotse, Thamserku, Ama Dablam, and many others. The 500-year-old Tengboche Monastery is situated within a fabulous almost surreal setting and surrounded by the supremacy of the mighty Himalayas. In short, if you are looking for a trek less arduous but still provides everything good about the region, this is trek has it all.

Brief Details:

  • Flight to Lukla from Kathmandu 45 minutes
  • Highest Altitude: 3850 Meters.
  • Suggested Days for trekking: Seven
  • Vacation days in Nepal: 8 to 10 days.

Pikey Peak in the Solu Region

This is a newly introduced and less-discovered trek in the Everest region which offers the best of Sherpa culture and some wonderful days on the trail. The trek is well worth a thought if you are a fit family with older children who like to stretch their legs. Pikey Peak lies south of the main Kumbu Everest trekking Region. A lot of people say that the view of Mount Everest from Pikey Peak is the best to be had, a statement borne out by none other than Sir Edmund Hillary himself. The trek can be as little as three full-on hard-going days, a more leisurely six days is much better, by taking more time it allows an opportunity to visit a number of Buddhist sites (monasteries, gompas, and stupas). There are two well-known itineraries both of them provide amazing views of the Numbur Himal range and Mount Everest. Six days makes all the difference you can relax into and get a genuine feel of the area, its people, and culture.

So in short, if you enjoy traveling through authentic Sherpa villages and monasteries away from the crowds this trek is a good choice for fit and healthy families. The views of Mount Everest Mount Kanchanjunga and Makalu along with many other peaks add to an amazing few days on the trail.

Brief Details

  • Getting there: 30-minute flight to Paplu and drive (6-8 hours) to Dhap from Kathmandu.
  • Highest Altitude: 4065 Meters.
  • Suggested Days for trekking: Six.
  • Vacation days in Nepal: 7 to 10 days.

A Family Hike in the Langtang Valley

There are three popular trekking regions in Nepal Annapurna, Everest, and the less frequented region of Langtang. Langtang provides its own unique experience and if you are on a family holiday it is another good option to consider, right up there with the other two regions. The region was hit badly in the 2015 earthquake in Nepal and it is only over the last year or two back on its feet.

The Langtang Valley Trekking trail is rich, forested, and very beautiful with an alpine feel, full of birds, animals, and rare plants, situated very close to the border with Tibet. The valley forms part of the Central Nepal Himalaya north of Kathmandu and was once one of Nepal’s hidden valleys. In many ways, it is wilderness at its best, with fantastic mountain views, and fascinating people with a very rich deeply Buddhist Tamang culture. A trek up into the high valley takes you to the base of the Nepal Himalayas providing “a high mountain feel” without it being too difficult. There is also an extensive glacier system to explore in the valley’s upper reaches

There are some spectacular mountain views of the Langtang range and other mountains that surround it with some splendid viewing points. You should if possible give yourselves time to relax in local settlements and engage with local life. The comment would be if you prefer to get away from the more worn trails then Langtang provides mountain wilderness at its best. There is a lot of wildlife and birdlife to enjoy along the way which will appeal if you are a family keen on all things nature; it is an ideal trek for you.

Langtang Valley Family Trek
Langtang Valley Trekking

Brief Details

  • By Road to Ducnhe/Saybrubensi seven hours
  • Highest Altitude: 4300 Meters.
  • Suggested Days for Trekking:  Seven
  • Vacation days in Nepal: 8 to 9 days.


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