Everest High Passes Trek - 19 Days

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The Three Passes Trek to Everest Base Camp is arguably the most complete trek in Nepal. It is a remote and demanding, likely to test your comfort zone on some days. You do need to be someone who is fit and stamina certainly helps. The trail covers much of the Everest region on a circular route from Lukla to Lukla. The trail is certainly more challenging than many of the other options in the region, it involves traversing the three high passes – Renjo La, Cho La and Kongma La – each are over 5,000m.Days can be as long as nine hours on occasions but the rewards of some of the best mountain views in Nepal or in the world for that matter, justify any personal pain. 

Client Reviews

  • A Trip to Cherish. Wonderful.

    I have just returned from 6 fantastic weeks in Nepal, and owe a huge thank you to Raj at NepalGatewayTrekking for helping to make it such a wonderful trip. Traveling alone, I had a quite challenging itinerary which included the Everest 3 Passes Trek, Hiking around Annapurna, a visit to Chitwan National Park, and a bit of adventure at the Last Resort, and a few rest days around Kathmandu and Pokhara.

    Raj organized all of my accommodation and transport. He ensured I had guides whenever I needed them. He answered all of my questions (and there were many) with the utmost professionalism and spared no effort at all in making sure I always had the right information to be where I needed to be - which is no mean feat considering the remoteness of parts of Nepal.

    On a couple of spare days towards the end of my trip, I also got to know Raj a little more on a personal level on a trek with him and his family. This was a real privilege and a memory that I will truly treasure.

    I will be returning to Nepal as soon as I get the chance as there are so many things I would still like to see and do, and I will no doubt be asking Raj and his team for assistance when the time comes.
    until then - Peri bhetaula.

    Anthony Rogers
    Anthony RogersUnited Kingdom, Travel Date: 30/11/2019
  • The Three Passes trekking is the ultimate trekking experience which is around 3 weeks in Everest region

    The trekking tour was guided through the Himalayan Everest Region between the 11th & 27th November 2015.  The group comprises six men and one woman, all experienced bushwalkers and all residents of northern Tasmania including some who had previously enjoyed adventuring with Nepal Gateway Trekking. 

    The prearranged somewhat circular route from a base point at Namche Bazar, culminated at Everest Base Camp, returning via Chola Pass, Gokyo, Renjo La Pass, descending through Lumden and Thame to Namche Bazar and thence back down to Lukla on the final day of the walking segment of the journey. 

     At each overnight village stop, the booked lodging accommodation varied from extremely comfortable at lower levels to basic backpacker style facilities at higher altitudes where infrastructure and fittings are sparse and goods transport is very difficult. 

    The food was generally of vegetarian nature with ample well-prepared and cooked portions and a good variety to select from.  Boiled water was usually only available at mealtimes with the provision of hot water for washing purposes limited in some places, while cold water for drinking was always readily available but needed per-consumption treatment.

    The weather on the November 2015 excursion was unusually warm, dry, and fine with track conditions at most levels being very dusty which may have contributed to mild respiratory infections being contracted by some group members.  This and associated health problems necessitated a descent from near 5,000 to 3,600 meters by two affected members at one stage for recuperative and redirection purposes. 

    The successful manner of conduct of this exercise highlighted the professional capabilities of Nepal Gateway Trekking.  The manager allocated in a timely and harmonious fashion another of his guides and a porter to assist us through the next five days of descent and reascent via the breathtakingly beautiful upper Dudhkoshi River valley to reunite with the rest of the group at Gokyo village after their more demanding Chola Pass traverse. 

    This unplanned change of events caused no disruption to the original itinerary for the majority of the trekking group whilst providing effective time on a scenery spectacular reconnection route for the two off-color companions. 

    The manager and principal guide of Nepal Gateway Trekking is Rajendra Thapa, fondly referred to as “Raj” by those of us who have previously enjoyed and admired the impressive quality of service of his Nepalese family business.  Raj is multilingual, his command of spoken English is quite good and his communication by email is excellent as are his organization skills, which have been well demonstrated on all trekking and tour expeditions our group members have previously taken with him across different areas of Nepal. 

    The privilege of offering as much as we possibly could in the way of work and remuneration and other direct assistance to individual Nepalese citizens was just as enjoyable as the exhilarating feeling they gave us when walking among the world’s greatest mountains, being awed and humbled by their majestic grandeur and being inspiringly amazed by the tenacious hardness yet kindly welcoming attitude of the people of this remarkable country.

    Wayne & Terese Binns
    Wayne & Terese BinnsAustralia, Travel Date: 11/03/2016

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