Kali Gandaki River Rafting

  • Destination Nepal

Kali Gandaki River rafting one of the best wilderness rafting in Nepal takes you to the stunningly beautiful western Nepal. Kali Gandaki River which is named after the ferocious goddess Kali is one of the biggest River in Nepal. This River originates at the highland Tibetan plateaus if the Mustang and flows down through the Himalayas making the world deepest George the Kali gandaki George. Kali Gandaki George divorces two gigantic glaciated peaks the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna both of which are above (8,000m.). Kali Gandaki River is also considered as one of the holiest river in Nepal as the river is been described in the Holy book.

 Kali Gandaki River rafting is the perfect blend of exhilarating rapids and majestic beauty along with the unique culture. The River offers some really difficult rapids of 4+ grade some of which are named as ‘Small Brother’, ‘Refund’ and ‘Big Brother’. The put in point for the Kaligandaki River Rafting is in the Beni. You drive for approx. 4 hours to reach Beni from Pokhara. From Beni this trip starts rafting for almost 72 km along the river which will take 3 days complete. The take out point for the Kali Gandaki River rafting is in the Mirmire. Along with the adventurous rafting trip you will get to enjoy the scenic beauty of the steep walled George and spectacular Mountain View. At the end of the each day exhausting trip you will spend overnight in the cool sandy beach in the Camp.

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