Langtang Trek

Langtang Trek is a beautiful journey to explore the ethnic cultures of the high mountains in Nepal. The Langtang Valley is a beautiful hidden alpine valley full of birds, animals, and rare plants. The valley forms part of the Central Nepal Himalaya, north of Kathmandu. The trek in the Langtang region is best for those who want to do one of the best short treks in Nepal.

The area is less visited by trekkers due mainly to its remoteness. Trekking here is great and offers a pristine experience, fascinating people, and rich culture. As you trek up the valley, there is plenty of time to relax into the local way of life. It is also known for the large amount of wildlife and bird life to be studied along the way. Tamangis (the main ethnic group) are Tibetan in every aspect, as the border with the Tibetan border is only twenty miles away.

Trekking high up into the valley, you find yourself almost at the base of the Himalayas. The beauty of the trek is that it provides “a high mountain feel” without being too difficult. Hiking further up the valley, there is also an extensive glacier system to explore.
There are many ways to vary treks in this region: one popular choice is to extend the nine to ten-day Langtang Valley trek for a further five days to the Sacred Lakes of Gosainkund (4300m) and the Helambu region. The Sacred Lakes in Hindu scriptures were created by Lord Shiva when he jabbed his trisul (trident) into the ground to form the headwaters of the Trisuli River.

The Langtang region was badly devastated by the earthquake in 2015. People have now rebuilt their lives and welcomed you in their special way.