Off Beaten Trails

The vast majority of trekkers coming to Nepal choose to trek in the more familiar trekking regions of Nepal, however, some people prefer a more authentic experience. Wilderness trekking in Nepal takes you to far-off places that offer a different experience from treks in the Everest and Annapurna regions. You are unlikely to encounter many other trekkers on the route along the ancient trails that have been laid down for many centuries. Quiet times, trekking in harmony with pristine surroundings and wild mountain scenery, far away from the noisy trappings of the modern world. These treks are not commercial so often they are carried out under canvas, or possibly a mixture of camping and basic mountain lodges. On some of the trails, it is possible to use basic lodges throughout.

You have the opportunity to observe and learn about ancient cultures at close quarters. Many of these treks need a good degree of fitness and stamina if you are truly going to get the most from your journey. If you have any questions regarding fitness levels please contact us for advice.