Tibet is located at the main part of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, south west of China. Tibet is lying in the rain shadow of the Greater Himalayas beautiful never ending Landscape and surrounding my mountains. Tibet is roof of the world, most of land situated above 4000m (13000ft) from sea level. Third Pole of the Globe is located at the main part of Qinghai-Tibet plateau; The Tibet Autonomous Region with a population of over two million covers an area of 1.2 million sq. km.Tibet is bounded by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province to the north, Sichuan Province to the east, Yunnan Province to the south east and countries like India, Burma, Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal to the west and south. Although it’s a part of China, Tibet has a unique culture of their own; it is mainly inhabited by Tibetans, a minority nationality of old and mysterious people. Due to unique landscapes, religion and culture, Tibet has remained a hidden sanctuary to the world for many years and gained more popularity among enthusiastic travelers.
Tibet has a long and complex history, written records have survived from the 7th Century A.D. however it is known that nomadic tribes populated Tibet as early as the 2nd Century B.C.The main land of Tiber is surrounded by High Mountain, old caravan trails, which cross mysterious landscape; through hidden valleys to exotic cites. All this combines to offers you a spiritual journey to highlights of your lifetime experience.

The economy of Tibet is dominated by agriculture, though tourism has become a growing industry in Tibet in recent decades. The main religion in Tibet is traditional old Tibetan  Buddhism( Bonor Bonpo) , in addition there is Bon which was the indigenous religion of Tibet before the arrival of Buddhism in the 7th century CE (Bön is now similar to Tibetan Buddhism) though there are also Muslim  and Christian minorities. The Staple foods in Tibet are roasted barley yak meat potatoes, and butter tea/green tea. Now they grow many vegetables and fruits in a modern green house.