Hiking in Nepal: The Best Hiking Places in Nepal

  • Last Updated on Apr 2, 2024

Hiking is simply defined as walking for recreational purposes for a couple of days which are likely in the hilly or mountain region.

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Hiking is simply defined as walking for recreational purposes for a couple of days which are likely in the hilly or mountain region. There are many adventure activities such as trekking, hiking, climbing, rafting, safaris, scuba diving, skiing, paragliding, hunting, racing, etc but hiking is a natural exercise for physical fitness among them and requires no special equipment. In Hiking, the most important thing to remember is “The journey is more important than the destination”. When you think about Hiking, you must think of beautiful nature, landscapes, forests, and rivers, and walking there to enjoy the natural scenery. Hiking is a great option for an escape back to nature and a great way to forget hassles of the city life.

Nagarkot Hiking
Nagarkot Hiking 

Hiking is likely to be short (average walk of a couple of hours in the park) or it could be two weeks to a month in the mountain range, it is depending on the hiking conditions and hike length. Trekking, Bush-walking, and Mountaineering have seemed different activities but it will not be false to say these are the long disciplines or variations of Hiking.

Nepal, a country of abode Himalayas, is one of the finest travel destinations in the world for outdoor activities such as Mountaineering and Peak Climbing, Hiking in Nepal, White Water Rafting, Jungle Safari Tour, Trekking in Nepal, etc. These all activities provide different adventure experiences in life. Hiking in Nepal is a simple way to observe nature's beauties, spiritual and unique cultures deserved by various ethnic groups, century’s old temples and monasteries, historical places, World Heritage Sites, and the high snow-capped mountains of Nepal. Hiking in Nepal is also comprised of exploring fine arts, and old nice settlement villages on 4-5 hours walking in the hilly or mountain region.

Sarankot Hiking
View from Sarankot Hiking Trip 

Nagarkot, Chisopani, Balthali, Dhulikhel, and Sarangkot are the most visited and famous hiking destinations in Nepal. These places lie in different regions; significantly representing the real taste and magnifying overview of Nepal.

Nagarkot Hiking: Naturally rich site is located 32 km away from Kathmandu in the east, a famous place for sunrise and sunset views with the panoramic mountain range. Besides sunrise, sunset, and panoramic mountain range; exploring old villages and Changu Narayan Temple (World Heritage Site – built in the 17th century) are the strong features of Nagarkot Hiking.

Chisopani Hiking: The best option for those who are seeking little adventure trekking and a real taste of hiking, offers an incredible view of spectacular landscapes and mountain ranges including Mount Everest. It is worth being at Chisopani passing through villages, farming land, and dense forest, although it is tough to climb to reach there.

Balthali Hiking: Balthali, an old Newar village nearby Panauti (another Newar village) and Namo Buddha (Buddhist monastery) is another good hike spot takes you to an insight into the Newari culture and fine arts.

Balthali Village
Balthali Village Hiking 

Dhulikhel Hiking: Dhulikhel, a historical town, is situated 30km southeast of Kathmandu, just past the edge of the Kathmandu Valley. At an elevation of 1550m above sea level, Dhulikhel lies just south of the Himalayas. This allows beautiful views of mountains on the backdrop of green hills. Historically, Dhulikhel has been the gateway to Tibet for the traders of Kathmandu. This legacy is still maintained by the Araniko Highway that passes from Kathmandu through Dhulikhel to the Tibetan border, Kodari. Numerous temples and shrines, and medieval houses decorated with beautifully crafted windows and doors carry the essence of centuries-old Newari architecture.

Sarangkot Hiking: Sarangkot is situated on north of Pokhara Valley, a famous spot for sunrise and breath-taking views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range including Mount Dhaulagiri (8167m), Mount Annapurna I (8091m, Machhapuchhre (a holy mountain 6997m) – a native name for Mount Fishtail and Mount Manaslu (8163m). Sarangkot, an incredible hiking place, is not only famous for foreigners. It is also a famous attraction for domestic tourists and all nature lovers.

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Hiking with Local pepole
Encounter with local people during a hiking trip in Balthali. 


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