Family Tour to Pokhara and Chitwan

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For Winter camp we went to Pokhara first. Pokhara is situated on the western side of Nepal. We went there by tourist bus along the Trisuli River knowing about different things. We saw many people Rafting and Kayaking in the Trisuli River.

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Nepal is a beautiful country having beautiful mountains and the Himalayas in the north and plain land in the south. There are 75 districts and 14 zones in Nepal. Among them, I am writing about  Pokhara and Chitwan where I went to winter camp with my family. I am going to write about my winter camp in January 2015.

View from World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara
View from  World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara

For Winter camp we went to Pokhara first. Pokhara is situated on the western side of Nepal. We went there by tourist bus along the Trisuli River knowing about different things. We saw many people Rafting and Kayaking in the Trisuli River. When I came off the bus at Pokhara Bus Park, I was very excited. The first day morning we went to visit Fewa Lake. By boating, we went to the Tal Barahi temple and cross Fewa Lake by boat for Hiking to World Peace Pegoda.

This Buddhist Pagoda is situated at a height of 1,590 m. above sea level. It is close to Pokhara, popular for one-day hiking. It is the best viewpoint to see the Himalayas which does not have time to go trekking in the mountain. World Peace Pegoda is generally cool, even during the summer months. It took 2 hours for us to get top after crossing Phewa lake. The Peace Stupa also called Peace Pagoda has four images of Buddha, each directed in an identical direction.

This is an interesting hike through the forest, terraced field, lake view, and local village with Himalaya views including Annapurna (8091m), Manasalu (8165m), Ganesh Himal (7446m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), Machhapuchare (the sacred mountain), and 25 other mountains above 6000 meters high.
We captured some great photos and had some snacks with water. After this place, we went down to the Gupteshor Mahadev cave by bus. There were many Tea shops and souvenir shops around that place. Then we went to the cave. I was very amazed when I enter the cave because it was very deep and dark. There were many things inside the cave. Like old rocks, water, statues, etc. There was a temple inside the cave. We did not go so deep and we came outside. We bought some things from find valium online there. After that, we went to Devi's fall and visit there. It was very surprising. When we went there was not so much water in Devi’s fall. There was a wising pool too and I threw a coin there and wish something. Then we went back to our hotel. The food and hotel were also nice there. In the evening we went to Bindabasini temple. It was nice and the view from there was good.

On our third day, we went to Sorankot for sunrise views. Sarankot is a 1,600m high hill situated on the northern shore of Phewa lake. This hill is famous for the panoramic view of the  Himalayan range (Dhaulagiri Range to Ganesh Himal Range over 25 mountain peaks). We dive there and walk down to Fewa Lake. On the way back from Sarankot through the Schima-Catonopsis forest and there were a lot of opportunities to watch birds. During our hiking to Sarankot, we saw starting points of the famous adventure sport  Paragliding and another extreme adventureZipFlayer.

World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara
World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara

Pokhara Nepal’s second city, at least in tourist terms, Pokhara is the endpoint for the famous Annapurna Circuit trek and the starting point for a dozen more treks through the mountains of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Range. It has numerous museums and there are some fascinating caves, waterfalls, and Tibetan villages in the surrounding hills. For the adventurous, travel agents in Pokhara offer a slew of adventure activities, from trekking and microlight flights to river rafting and jungle safaris. My Pokhara tour ends here. Pokhara is really a beautiful place I love to go to Pokhara again.

Now I am going to write about my next tour. That is Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour. Chitwan is situated in the southern part of Nepal. We drive there from Pokhara valley and along the Trisuli River. Since my childhood, I read many things about Chitwan Like “Chitwan National Park is the most popular destination for tourists wanting to have a good experience of the region’s wildlife. Located on the Terai at the fringe of the Indian plains, the park boasts diverse forests and grasslands. Days are spent venturing into the wilderness on foot, by elephant back or by dug-out canoe to view One-horned Black Rhinoceros and Bengal Tigers, Sloth bears, leopards, jungle cats, wild boar, otters, Langur, Rhesus, Macaque.”

It was very amazing. We saw different types of animals like elephants, rhinoceros, etc. We saw the sunset view too. It was very very nice. I have not seen such before. Then we went back to our hotel and had our dinner. At night, we went to Sauraha cultural house and see different types of Tharu cultural dance. I did not understand their language but their dance was good. There were many people who were watching their dance.

Walking with Elephant
Walking with Elephant in Chitwan National Park. 

On the 2nd morning, we went for a Canoe ride. I was very afraid. There were many crocodiles, kingfishers, etc. Then we walked through the jungle at Chitwan National Park to visit the Elephant breeding centre. We saw many families of elephants. We saw many people bathing elephants by the Rapti River on the way to Hotel. After that, we had our lunch and take a rest for some time. Then in the afternoon, we went elephant riding. It was very interesting. I have not done that before so I feel very good. We went through the jungle and river and saw many animals like elephants, rhinoceros, pythons, deer, etc. In the evening we do some shopping and the next morning we came back to Kathmandu with all the moments in our minds. We captured many photos. We enjoyed ourselves a lot as well as gained some knowledge. We really had a fantastic time. I hope I will go to the next place during my next winter camp and describe that place. Till then Bye! Bye!

One Horn Rhino
 One Horn Rhino in Chitwan National Park


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