Nepal Travel Guide

Come on, get to know Nepal and Nepal trekking facts with Nepal Gateway Trekking, and get the ultimate travel guide for treks and expeditions with our team. Plan your Nepal trekking journey with confidence and make the most of this incredible destination.

Tourism Map of Nepal
Map of Nepal 


  • Nepal at a Glance

    Nepal offers a unique Himalayan environment with a fusion of vibrant cultures and ancient history. The country, which is 800 kilometres long from east to west, is located at its farthest north on Mount Everest. Its population is multiethnic, it spans many social classes, and its religion combines Buddhism and ...

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  • Nepal Visa Guide

    The only type of entry visa for Nepal is a Tourist Visa on Arrival ( Kathmandu). They have several re-entry points. You should still obtain a "Tourist Visa" to enter Nepal if you are travelling there for reasons other than tourism (such as sightseeing, tours, travel, mountaineering, trekking, or visiting friends and ...

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  • Trek Grade

    Nepal has so many trekking routes. All trekking routes are carefully graded by topography, duration, and climate. The grades are easy, moderate, strenuous, very strenuous, and challenging. Beginners as well as those who enjoy adventure can complete the easy and moderate treks. While challenging and strenuous treks call for physical ...

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  • Travel Insurance

    You may ask, “Is Travel Insurance compulsory for trekking in Nepal?” The answer is yes; it is very important and must be needed for trekking in Nepal.Why Travel Insurance for Nepal?Travel Insurance is a very important document for trekking in Nepal. Here are the outlines why do you need travel ...

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  • Equipment Checklist

    Having the appropriate gear is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience while trekking in Nepal, and it calls for careful planning and preparation. Here is a list of the necessary gear you should take with you on a trek through Nepal.1. Clothing:Moisture-wicking base layers (tops and bottoms)Insulating layers (fleece ...

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  • Nepal Trekking Permit Information

    Depending on the area you intend to visit, trekking in Nepal frequently necessitates obtaining a variety of permits and permissions. The natural and cultural resources of the areas you will be trekking through are managed and conserved thanks to these permits. Depending on the area's accessibility and conservation status, different ...

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  • Flight Cancellation and Delays

    In Nepal, flight delays and cancellations are not uncommon, particularly in trekking-friendly areas like the Everest and Annapurna regions.Why Are Flights in Nepal Cancelled or Delayed?1. Unpredictable Weather:The Himalayan region is notorious for its erratic and severe weather conditions, particularly during the trekking seasons. At any time, flights can be ...

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  • Best Trekking Season in Nepal

    The best trekking seasons in Nepal are Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November). Spring and Autumn are ideal for outdoor activities in Nepal such as Nepal Trekking, Peak Climbing, and Hiking because the weather is typically stable with clear skies, dry conditions, and comfortable temperatures.Autumn's mild temperatures and clear ...

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