• Trip to Annapurna Base Camp Trekking and Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

    Dear Raj and Nepal Gateway Team!!!

    We want to say thank you after Noemie and Guillaume's trip to Annapurna Base Camp Trekking and Chitwan Jungle Safari tour with you. They have been happy with EVERYTHING you organized for them, including the lodges, the routes you chose for them, the hotels, the buses you succeeded to put them on in spite of the petrol shortage and most of all the guide and porter who traveled with them. Thanks a lot for all!

    We hope things are going better for you and your company and for Nepal too.

    We keep saying that Nepal Gateway Trekking Company is a fantastic trekking tour Organizer Company in Nepal.

    Bye for now, keep on! Good luck!

    Domi FARIGOULESFrance, Travel Date: 13/10/2015
  • Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking in Nepal

    I was lucky to get in touch with Raj while I was still planning the journey. In fact, a friend of mine, who traveled to Nepal before, highly recommended Raj as a guide. 

    From the very beginning, Raj gave us enough information about the journey itself and the necessary preparation. He made all the arrangements in advance. We didn't have to worry about the transportation, hotel, money exchange, etc. He even provided us with some necessary supplies for the trekking (e.g. sleeping bag, walking sticks, etc). 

    During the trekking, Raj was very attentive, responsive, and very involved. He provided us with a unique first-hand experience. He was trying to show us more of the hidden treasures of Nepal, rather than the typical touristic spot. Raj was taking care of our comfort but at the same time, he let us peek into the real Nepalese lifestyle. Raj is a great guide, an amazing person, and a good friend. I am glad I met him and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to experience the real, unique, and breathtaking Nepal!

    Once again, thanks a lot for the amazing time in Nepal!!! I really loved it!


    Valentina Barzakova
    Valentina BarzakovaUnited Arab Emirates, Travel Date: 10/08/2015
  • Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking

    Ghorepani Ponhill trekking in Nepal 

    “Nepal was great! It was even better with Raj as our guide. He is very reliable, caring, and easy to get along with. He'll be honest with you and let you know if you’re getting ripped off by people. He knows the best places to buy souvenirs, safe places to stay and eat in. He is very knowledgeable about the history, politics, and culture in Nepal. He gave us a good sense of the people there and the culture. With him, as our guide, we really felt safe which was very important since it was only two of us girls going on the trip. He'll give you the right amount of push when you get tired of trekking/hiking too!! Very encouraging! If I were to ever go to Nepal again I will definitely use Raj as my guide again! And I would definitely refer him to all my friends without hesitation!! ,"

    Hope this is good Raj!
    Hope your business is a success!!

    Ashrutha Ravimohan
    Ashrutha RavimohanUnited Kingdom, Travel Date: 26/07/2015
  • Gokyo Ri Trek April 2015

    We went trekking with Ram and company this April with 3 other friends. It was our first trip to Nepal and loved it. Second trip for our friends with Ram. Even though I was a bit unsure at first, Ram was very helpful, caring, and thoughtful. At all times we were his main concern, I would highly recommend this company for their attentive service, knowledge, and great company. We did not get to Gokyo Ri as we were snowed in at Dole for 2 days, but we still had the best adventure going to other villages as suggested by Ram. We will b returning in 2018 to finish our trip but adding Everest Base Camp and the men want to climb Island Peak I think, not me. Nepal gets under your skin, the views, people, food, and most of all the Yaks. I just love them as our friends and Ram will tell you, so peaceful there. We only made it to Bangkok 2 days before the Quake. Not our time thank god.
    I wish the people a quick recovery from this awful Quake and may they keep their beautiful nature and great faith. Thank you Ram for introducing us to Nepal and your great work in helping your people through this horrible time. Namaste.

    Annette Williamson
    Annette WilliamsonAustralia, Travel Date: 29/05/2015
  • Adventurous alternative trekking route with a reliable and attentive support crew

    Namaste and best return greetings from Wayne in Tasmania.

    We agreed that the service you and your team provided during our long-range remote area trek in Dolpo District, north-west Nepal was exceptionally good in all regards.  This trek was obviously difficult for you to organize because of the airstrip closure at Juphal, meaning a complete replanning and re-organization of our routes and schedules was needed.

    Despite these difficulties causing much extra work, you still provided us with an impressively attractive and adventurous alternative trekking route with a reliable and attentive support crew, who supplied three wholesome healthy meals each day and provided daily campsite duties effectively and courteously.

    I personally found your organizational skills and attention to client needs were extremely considerate, effective, and commendable.  Your successful treatment of my respiratory illness at Phoksumdo Lake; the numerous and complex mobile phone calls at the trip’s end, which enabled our stranded group to be safely extracted from our weather-bound remote airstrip by helicopter in time to catch international flights, demonstrated beyond doubt your ability as a first-class trekking guide.

    Because of your unsurpassed devotion and duty to our Tasmanian group of trekkers in extremely difficult circumstances, I have no hesitation in recommending you and your guiding company to all prospective clients, who may enquire about your future services in Nepal.

    Wayne Binns
    Wayne BinnsAustralia, Travel Date: 19/01/2015
  • I return to do the Trek again with my son in the future

    “I had Raj as a tour guide for a 2013 trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp.  Feeling quite anxious about the trek, mainly because of my fitness, Raj immediately put me at ease.  He has a very unassuming manner, a great sense of humor, and focuses on ensuring people have a fun experience and reach Base Camp without rushing. 
    Something that everyone in our group noticed was that of all the tour guides on the mountain, Raj was the one that was greeted most warmly at every stop by the locals.  We all felt that having him as a guide got us the best rooms, best food, and those little extras that make the difference e.g. like spare blankets and heaters!  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Raj and when I return to do the trek again with my son in the future, will only use him.” 

    Elissa Telfer
    Elissa TelferUnited Kingdom, Travel Date: 17/01/2015
  • Raj was caring and well organized. He showed anything..

    In 2013 I took part in a trip to Everest Base Camp.
    I would like to say how much I enjoyed the adventure. It was the best trip ever for me and I cannot wait to visit the Himalayas again.
    I have to say that not only fantastic views, atmosphere and my love for maintaining are the reason for my precious, happy memories. The people, there are extremely nice, our potters and Sherpa were very, very helpful, our guide, Raj was caring and well organized. He showed anything but professionalism and how well he knows his job in the mountains. I could not believe how precise he was in estimating times, organizing meals, making sure we get clean water, etc. He was full of knowledge about places and traditions. Open to answering so many of our questions. And when people start getting sick he was making well-informed decisions based on his experiences and the human resources he had. Even in that complicated situation he still made sure I arrived at the Base Camp. 

    Monika Pieńkos
    Monika PieńkosPoland, Travel Date: 25/12/2014
  • Annapurna Base camp trekking in October 2014

    Raj Thapa who was our guide to the Annapurna Base camp Nepal. Without exaggeration, he was the best guide we could have wished. He always tried to help his group, he was attentive, he always found a solution, when there seemed to be a problem.

    We always felt to be in the best company with him. His experience helped us to learn about Nepalese history and society and of course the beautiful nature we were walking through. Raj always showed his responsibility for his group if necessary, for example when somebody felt sick at day and at night. With his good sense of humor he several times helped us to overcome difficulties. And as much as he showed responsibility for the trekkers he did for his porters.

    Of course, I hope to come back to Nepal in a few years. Then I will try to contact raj and hope that he will find time to be our guide again.

    Raimund Federle
    Raimund FederleGermany, Travel Date: 28/09/2014